ULTRAMETRIX. Ovality & Diameter Measurement.


ULTRAMETRIX - complex for small & medium diameter cylindrical objects geometry testing. 


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ULTRAMETRIX - complex for small & medium diameter pipe geometry testing.

UTE «ULTRAMETRIX» is a complex intended for an automated measurement of pipe

geometry of diameter up to 1420 mm.

Measuring Parameters:

    • Outside diameter of the tube ends and body (average);
    • Outside diameter of the tube ends and body (minimum, maximum);
    • Tube ends ovality;
    • Tube body ovality;
    • Theoretical mass; 

Measurement characteristics of ULTRAMETRIX complex
Parameter Value
Pipe diameter 60 - 530
Outside diameter ± 0,03 mm
 Ovality  ± 0,06 mm


ULTRAPIPE - AUST of tube weld



ust of weld

ULTRAPIPE - technological automated system for tube weld inspection.

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Registration in Russian Calibration System


Russian Calibration System Certificate
ULTRAKRAFT as a producer of non-destructive testing systems and ultrasonic transducers has confirmed its competencies in performing the calibration according to ISO/IEC 17025:2009 and has been registered in the Russian Calibration System.


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