ULTRAKRAFT - the winner in the category "Innovation of the Year"


Новация года26 May 2011 – Due to Russian Enterprise Day ULTRAKRAFT was awarded the winning title "Business Generation" in the category "Innovation of the Year".

ULTRAKRAFT has once again demonstrated the allegiance to selected way specified by the State program for modernization of Russian industry and science, known as the "Program 2020".

This win confirmed that innovations are in demand in the Russian economy today, as it was said by the State Duma Deputy of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Georgiy Shevtsov and Mayor of Cherepovets Oleg Kuvshinnikov in their congratulatory speeches.

The official public authorities expressed a gratitude to ULTRAKRAFT for an active and efficient work in the field of high-tech engineering products, non-destructive testing and diagnostic of steel products, non-destructive testing of pipelines, thermal and nuclear energy objects as well as in the field of automation and comprehensive mechanization of production.  It confirms again that the innovative way of development should be a priority of Russian business.


ZAO ULTRAKRAFT (Ultrakraft, JSC) is a russian engineering company. The main professional field is development and applying of advanced solutions in the field of nondestructive testing and automation.





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