Commissioning of UTE "ULTRAPLATE"

ULTRAPLATESpecialists of JSC Ultraktaft successfully commissioned the new UT-Equipment for plates testing in  LPC-3 OAO Severstal from 22th to 30th April. The Equipment is designed according to EMAT-technology and can detect not only the internal flaws of plates, what is traditional for similar equipment, but also surface flaws. It is absolutely advanced technology in the field of thick plate production. It should be noted, that the Equipment allows to test the plates of temperature up to 720 C.

The article about equipment commissioning in the corporate newslatter of OAO Severstal.


ZAO ULTRAKRAFT (Ultrakraft, JSC) is a russian engineering company. The main professional field is development and applying of advanced solutions in the field of nondestructive testing and automation.





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